Read This Before Buying Aluminum Ladder

Wondering why you might require buying aluminum ladders? You might need to keep them at your workplace for a number of reasons. Did you know that a large percentage of sweat injuries occur due to sweaty hands while climbing the ladder? If not, you should know that around 175,000 people fall from ladders for one reason or another. Though human error can be blamed for some of the injuries, such a high number suggests a different story. Either way, it is important that your workplace ladders are up to the mark. After all, as an entrepreneur, it is your duty to ensure the safety of your employees. Here is more on what should you look for before buying ladders from a renowned aluminum ladder supplier in Dubai:


Choose The Best

When it comes to safety, you must never compromise on the quality of equipment you intend to buy. The same principle applies to ladders. Firstly, skip out those substandard ladder providers from your list and include only those that are reputable and reliable. Buying from one of these will ensure that you will end up buying a quality aluminum ladder. These ladders use materials that fulfill industry standards. Some have rubber coatings that help provide better grip to the climber. Sweaty palms are a major reason why some climbers slip. The rubber grip will not let the climber slip off.

Types of Ladders

It is important to know the type of ladder you need for your premises. Following are the most commonly used ladders:

  • Extension ladders
  • Ladders for multiple use
  • Stepladders

Extension ladders are commonly used for climbing more at least 18 feet or more from the ground. They are small, light, and sturdy. As such, you can set them up without any issues. Despite their light weight, they are made from high strength aluminum so they don’t break easily. They can be used for a variety of roles.

Multiuse ladders are highly portable as they can be folded and carried easily when needed. You can use them to climb anywhere between 11 -15 feet height. They are commonly used at most workplaces and are rigid in nature. Due to portability, they can be carried from one place to another with ease.

Stepladders are small, lightweight and sturdy. You can use them to climb up to 6 feet of height. Folding ladders can house paint and tools.

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