Decorate your executive lounge with the best hotel furniture suppliers

Are you really very fond of traveling and have to indulge in it due to upcoming business tours every now and then? Does your job require you to travel between various countries every now and then? Anyone who is related in one way or the other with the given situation would be fond of the executive lounges, which are offered by some big lavish hotels worldwide. People generally tend to fall completely in love with all of the decorations, style and comfort that are found in exclusive lounge suites, but still in the end, these are just a room where you stay for a couple of days – they aren’t really your home, right?

Do you want to make your house or apartment look as lavish as a five-star hotel? Well, then you need to look for some good companies offering such suites in Europe or Australia specifically. These apartments are decorated with some marvels, mind blowing, and comfortable lounges.  There are a variety of colors, ample designs and substantial materials from which it is made, and the best part is that all of these are commonly available. You can select the ones that you truly are interested in and turn your own apartment into a five-star residence! This will give you a feeling that you are truly living in a palace.

These lounges vary in sizes, and their size generally depends upon the number of seats you want with one lounge. Most companies that function as hotel furniture suppliers Dubai have categorized them as follows:

  1. Modular lounges
  2. Leather lounges
  3. Motion lounges
  4. Fabric lounges
  5. Accent lounges
  6. Others

Modular lounges:

They are very classy in looks, need a lot of space to occupy due to their substantial size and they are very comfortable if selected wisely. Their price ranges from $1400 to $4200.

Leather lounges:

As obvious from their name, these are made out of leather and are commonly used in offices, considering the fact that they have a very professional appeal to them. They occupy great space and come in many colors, but are mostly demanded in black or off-white color ranges. Their price varies from $500 to $3000. They look extremely classy in the offices, their meeting rooms, executive rooms etc.

Motion lounges:

They are made using modern technology and they come in different color ranges. The best part about these is that the way they are designed allows them to be easily moved from one place to the other easily. They look so stylish and give you a sense of modern room settings. The price varies from $500 $2000, which isn’t really a bad deal at all. Visit for more information.


Accent lounges

These are available in a huge range of colors, and they are styled in a way that they can be used in rooms, offices or anywhere you want. They give you a sense of simplicity, but with style. Their price varies from $500 to $2000.