Factors to Consider When Selecting a Translating Agency

Are you looking to solicit services of a credible translation agency in Dubai? Here are a few factors you should consider before making a final selection:

Established Business Built On People

In the recent years, we have witnessed a barrage of VC-backed, well-funded tech start-ups revel in the limelight with their promises of an oncoming technology revolution that will render all that we know obsolete. Others promise to cut costs by conjuring up innovative approaches, such as crowd-sourced translations. While technology plays a major role in our lives and a lot of companies can greatly reap the many benefits offered by the cheap translations it provides, you need to steer clear of translation agencies that boast of any specific technology’s ability to meet all of your translation needs and solve all their business issues.

Financial Security

Before you decide to cultivate a lasting relationship with your translation agency, it’s vital to ascertain if the agency is financially secured. Are they growing? Are they profitable? Are they known for paying their staff promptly and fairly? If you want to scrutinize the growth and profitability figures of an organization, you can request their previous three to five years of audited accounts. In addition, conduct thorough research in translator marketplaces to find out if the agency has a poor repute for payment among linguistics and staff.

Translation Is the Core Business of the Agency

If you aspire to foster a strategic, lasting partnership with an agile agency that has the ability to consistently adept to the external business environment while adding value to your business, you should seriously think about selecting an agency where the provision of translation services is at the core of their business. Working with a business services company or a staffing agency that offers a multitude of other services in addition to translations, will indubitably diminish the credibility and quality of your translations. Such businesses have a poor repute for outsourcing myriad elements of the production process to other companies, reducing accountability and escalating costs in the process. Their quality assurance processes and systems are not credible enough to suit your needs, and will cost you more in the long run.

Industry Specialization

Regardless of your expertise requirements, specialization, or industry sector, it is vital that you go for a translation agency that has extensive expertise and experience working in your niche. If you want to witness their expertise in your niche first-hand, ask them for samples of their works or case studies in your industry sector. Visit websites of agencies to know more about them and their specializations.