What Kind Of Desert Safari Tours Should You Book

Desert safari trips are one of the most booked tours in Dubai, and for good reasons. A lot of tourists and travelers who were able to experience these trips are quite satisfied and even amazed of their desert adventure. Some even want to do it again given the chance.

The contention, however, lies on which desert trip to book – the morning desert trip or the evening safari adventure. Travelers always want to get the best of their traveling fund and it is always a wonder which of the two can give the best desert travel experience:


Morning Desert Safari Experience


The morning desert safari Dubai tours approximately starts at 8am or even earlier where the tour company will pick up the passengers and tourist on their pick up location. Tour operators have loads of activities on their morning desert tours such as a good view of the sunrise (for those who came earlier), dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding and many more. The morning desert trips is usually for adrenaline-junkie tourist and travelers who like a unique adventure on their trip.


Book the morning safari desert tour if you are:

  • An early-riser or a morning person
  • Wants a good photo of the desert sunrise
  • Want to experience heart-stopping activities in the desert
  • You have other plans and other activities during nighttime


Evening Desert Safari Adventure


The Dubai evening desert safari also offers a different kind of adventure, although it is a little mellower and laid back than those of the morning desert tours. But don’t worry, this trip will not disappoint. There are still lots of activities that you can do in the desert during nighttime. You can experience authentic Arabian culture with performances from the locals and also a taste of delicious Arabian cooking.  But the best thing about the evening desert adventure is that you can stay in the desert for the night which is a once-in-lifetime experience.

And if the morning desert offers a good photo of the sunrise, overnight desert deals would include both – a beautiful view of the desert sunset and the awesome sight of the desert sunrise.


Book the evening desert safari if:


  • You have prior commitments in the morning
  • You need some peace and quiet for your vacation
  • Indulge yourself with a nature trip for a much longer period of time




In the end, it is always the preference of the travelers that would be taken in consideration and that would matter. Both tours are amazing in their own right. To make the most of it, you can book both tours and experience the best of both worlds.