Dubai Tours You Should Not Missed Out

Dubai and Abu Dhabi has a lot of offer to tourist. Aside from the stunning skyscrapers and ginormous shopping malls, there are a lot of destinations that tourists can enjoy. This place is very popular amongst daredevil tourist who are looking for an out-of-this-world adventure and travelers who are seeking a different kind of trip.

It might be unusual for some tourist but a trip to Dubai is one for the books and here are the tours that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

  1. Morning Desert Safari Adventure

Morning desert safari is a famous travel destination for tourists, especially the ones who have not seen a desert in their life. Morning desert safari Dubai tour operators have left and right bookings from clients all over the world who would like to see the amazing beauty of the desert. And this tour is packed with adventure – from dune bashing, camel riding to sumptuous dinner in the desert.


  1. Overnight Safari Tour

Overnight desert tours is a top choice amongst travelers as well. The quiet atmosphere of the desert attracts a lot of tourist who prefer an enjoyable night under the desert stars. Most of these travelers are seeking relaxing and peace to enjoy the authentic Arabic culture.


  1. Dubai City Tour

The city of Dubai itself is an attraction. There are a lot of places to visit within the city that gives you the balance of tradition and modern-day living. If you are into outdoor entertainment, you can visit a number of water parks and architectural wonders like the Burj Al Arab that would take your breath away. Beach lovers can also take a dip at the Jumaira Beach. A Dubai city tour package cost is reasonable and you can visit these places without breaking the bank.



  1. Heritage Sites

Heritage sites should not be missed out. The reason why you travel is to learn the culture of that specific place and you can do that by touring the heritage sites. One of the famous heritage attraction is the Dubai Musuem located in Al Fahidi Fort that features old maps of Dubai and dioramas of the citizen’s way of life.


  1. Shopping Sprees

Dubai is synonymous to shopping.  Big shopping malls are built in the city and attract even the most prolific shoppers and shopaholics who loves shopping for luxury items. One of the famous is the Mall of Emirates and Dubai mall. There are also souks and stalls that offers one-of-a-kind finds.