Affordable British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

There has always been much ado about the expensive education system in Dubai, especially among the expats. The expats from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, who work and reside in Dubai with their families, are always on the lookout for the most affordable Dubai British curriculum schools. Getting the kids admission in the top-class British curriculum schools is no more a burden on your bank as there are plenty of affordable options available out there.


Does quality British education require British staff?

In the past few years, there has been a rising hue and cry about the delivery of British curriculum in the Dubai-based schools and its effectiveness. There has been a major influx of British teachers in Dubai in the past decade or so, which has raised the education standards. However, there are still plenty of other schools which are offering British curriculum but South Asian staff deliver it. Parents and kids are at a crossroad in this situation. The schools which have British staff are far too expensive while the ones with the South Asian staff are very much budget-friendly, especially for the expat families.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the parents who have to manage their kids’ education as well as their households. If they are able to balance both by not compromising on the quality of education, then it is well and good but all is not lost if they don’t have the financial resources required to make their kids learn British curriculum from the British staff.


Affordable British Curriculum Schools

The schools in Dubai generally operate from Sunday to Thursday with Fridays and Saturdays being the weekly holidays. Most of the teachers in the top-notch British curriculum schools hail from the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, and Australia. A major chunk of the UAE population consists of expats, largely from the South Asian region, but people from other nationalities have also made their presence felt in the last few years. People from Philippines, Russian region, and western European countries have also moved to Dubai and other emirates in search of better career opportunities in recent years.

Some of the best yet affordable British curriculum schools in Dubai include Cambridge International School, Garhoud, GEMS Wellington School, GEMS Wellington School, Regent International School, Kings’ School, Raffles International School, Repton School, and The Winchester School. Click here to access the complete list of the best private schools in Dubai.