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Date added: 09/16/2013 Cosplay Adding a Different Twist to Dressing Up

WHEN you see her in her favourite green wig and a matching costume, you might wonder what University of Southern Queensland student Mikosei Okumura is up to.

She's just cosplay - and probably on her way to a convention or event where she can show off her favourite cosplay outfit or enter a competition.

Cosplay is the name given to the popular trend of dressing up as a character from any part of pop culture - and it's a trend that's catching on with more and more people trying it out.

There are heaps of conventions around Australia (and the world for that matter) where people cosplay, including the biggest Australian pop culture convention, Supanova, (which is held at Brisbane and the Gold Coast) and Armageddon and Oz Comic Con in Melbourne.

And the possibilities costume-wise are endless.

My personal favourites are characters from the DC Comics universes, however Mikosei, who is half-Japanese and half-Filipino, loves taking characters from Vocaloids (a Japanese singing voice synthesiser with thousands of original songs by Japanese artists) and bringing them to life through what is called "closet cosplay".